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Immune system

The immune system, which is a mechanism that protects our body from bacteria and viruses, and also affects the hormones and nervous system, ensures that the person stays away from conditions such as infections if it works regularly.
What Are the Causes of Decrease in Glutathione in Our Body?

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides for high bioavailability


OVİO Collagen+ L-Glutatyon

It is produced by formulating 9750 mg Collagen (Type 1-3 Hydrolyzed Brazilian Collagen Peptide) and 250 mg L-Glutathione after scientific, clinical studies and expert physicians’ opinions. Collagen used in the Ovio formula is supplied from Brazil. Glutathione in OVIO Collagen and Glutathione is produced with liposome technology, which is the latest technology in this field. Thanks to this special technology, OVIO Collagen and Glutathione are absorbed at maximum level and thus maximum efficiency is obtained from all components.
Does not contain sweetener and sugar.
Does not contain preservatives.
Does not contain lactose and gluten.

1 sachet of 10 gr.

Collagen is the most basic protein in our body that holds the body together. Therefore, it forms the building blocks of cartilage, joints and skin. It gives flexibility to our skin by holding our bodies together like glue.
According to scientific studies, although it differs from person to person, it has been seen that the effects of collagen appear at a high rate as a result of 1 month of continuous use. As a result of continuous use for 3 months, maximum visible results were obtained.
Collagen is found in nature only in animals and humans. Therefore, it is produced from animal sources. Cowhide is the main source. The collagen-rich tissues of the animals are collected, and after various washing and cleaning processes, they are broken down with water at high temperatures (hydrolysis). Afterwards, it is decomposed into smaller amino acid chains by means of enzymes and dried and collagen peptides are obtained. Collagen becomes a protein powder after all these processes.
You can get collagen from food. But this is difficult and means high calories. In order to benefit from collagen, you must use it regularly. Foods rich in collagen; Head trotter soup is bone broth, bones, skin and cartilage of chicken and fish. But you need to consume them regularly for adequate collagen intake. This can cause you to gain weight due to calories and cholesterol.
Collagen does not cause weight gain. The daily dose of 10 grams of collagen is between 30-35 calories. The daily calorie intake for an adult is around 2500 calories. Another feature of collagen is that it is an appetite stabilizer and a helpful protein in weight control.
We want to emphasize the importance of making sure you buy a reliable and healthy product by knowing its source. When purchasing collagen, you should pay attention to whether it is obtained from pasture, organic grazed animals and preferably from Brazil, Argentina or Australia, its molecular weight is below 3000 daltons (collagen below 3000 daltons is rapidly absorbed by the intestines), and that there is no artificial content in the product. The product you buy must have an official food supplement approval number.
Continuing its work with its expert German and Turkish R&D team, OVIO meticulously applies quality control processes at every stage from production to shipment in order to maintain the trust of its customers and consumers. It produces high quality products by considering the maximum effect scale.